MY CREDO – I believe that perfect Hair is different for every woman and that achieving it need not be a daily struggle.

That’s why I always tailor the look: Considering the individual’s unique features and needs when conceiving their cut and colour.

I never concoct styles that just wash out, but cut a shape that stays in the hair, making it quick and simple to recreate every day.

Realizing perfect beauty – individual and practical – is my goal.

This is Salah. This is Hair Design.


I study individual features, characteristics and personal style, applying each cut and colour with careful consideration and precision, creating the ultimate individualised look that’s effortlessly sophisticated.

The shape of your face. The tone of your skin. The angle of your jaw. Your sense of style. The looks of your hair by Salah are like arrows pointing out your best features.


Years of practice, countless experiments have strengthened my knowledge of achieving creative hair Color ideas associated with innovative techniques reflect my love of modernist art and architecture.